Our Range of Services

Courier Service, Relay & Multi-Drop, Cheque Collection, Packing Crate Manufacture 

We are pleased to be able to offer the following services at competitive rates and always with the promptness and courtesy that you would expect from a professional Courier business.

Courier Service:

We offer a Sameday or Nextday Courier Service to anywhere on the UK Mainland. Offshore work can also be accomodated when required. The collection will be made promptly and the delivery can be confirmed by Phone, Text or E Mail if required.

Our rates are competitive and regular customers may also be able to take advantage of our loyalty scheme - details on application.

If your require an Estimate or Quotation, please use our contact E Mail address below:  info@a1courierservices.co.uk

If however your enquiry is more urgent, telephone us on 07988 886697.

Relay & Multi-Drop:

Our Relay Service is tailored to fit in with your network and locations. If for example you have a document or parcel that needs to be moved over a long distance, we could collect from your address and arrange to rendezvous with your driver or representative at a specified location and time, thus saving your staff driving time.

Our Multi-Drop Service allows us to collect several documents or parcels from your address or representative, perhaps at a remote location, and carry out the deliveries to several sites on your behalf.

Cheque Collection:

If your Company is owed money by someone based a long distance from you, we can collect a cheque on your behalf. If your payment has been agreed and is ready for posting, we can help you ensure that your money is in your Bank on the same day. 

We can Fax you the paying in slip and forward the original by post upon return to our office.

This is a confidential service available during banking hours which we believe represents a cost effective method of improving your cash flow.

Packing Crate Manufacture & Supply:

If you have a delicate, odd shaped or senstive item that needs to be moved safely and securely, we can provide purpose made timber packing crates and pallets. If you can provide accurate measurements, we will produce a quotation, including timescales.